Healthy Cities in Belfast

Belfast Healthy Cities was established in 1988 and was among the initial 15 cities to be formally designated as WHO Healthy Cities. Our vision is to be a leader in creating a healthy, equitable and sustainable Belfast. 


Thirty years ago Belfast Healthy Cities introduced an entirely new approach to addressing health inequalities within our city, and the Belfast Healthy Cities office was created as a formal structure to support this. We promote the concept that health is a joint responsibility of all policy sectors, all levels of Government and associated agencies.


Our small team works together with city stakeholders as we continue to influence the shaping of health and wellbeing strategy in Belfast and beyond. 


Our work involves the promotion of health and wellbeing, tackling health inequalities, promoting a city which accommodates everyone, including children and our older population. Our work involves research, learning from our international colleagues while sharing our own experience and maximising the potential for a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the citizens of Belfast.


We are looking ahead to the next phase of our work as a designated World Health Organization Healthy City and to the next 30 years of advancing a positive health agenda in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.