2018 International Healthy Cities Conference

Site Visits Wednesday 3 October 2018

Site visits have been arranged under the themes of People, Place, Participation, and Prosperity, Planet, Peace.


All site visits will start at 10.30am on Wednesday 3 October 2018 from the Waterfront Hall. It is estimated the tours will return to Belfast City Centre by approximately 12.45pm. Delegates will receive lunch as part of their chosen site visit.

Below is a list of site visits on offer, with a brief description of each visit. Booking can be done via registration form. Please note places on the site visits are limited.

Peace: promoting peace through inclusive societies that focus on places, participation, prosperity and the planet, while putting people at the centre of all policies and actions.


This theme includes just and inclusive societies, freedom from fear and violence, sustainable development, respect for human rights and human dignity, equality and non-discrimination, ethnic and cultural diversity, equal opportunities, and shared prosperity.

19. Title: A Care Zone in North Belfast

Host: Care Zone

Places available: 25

The development of a Care Zone in North Belfast is part of ongoing regeneration in the area, linked to Public Health Agency’s Future Search work on suicide prevention. The Care Zone is a local response involving residents and community groups in Marrowbone area to empower and build capacity to support action to increase ‘hope’ and care in the area. The project has been working to identify the needs of local communities through data sharing and collection, developing partnerships and resources to create emotionally resilient communities and tackle health inequalities.


The site visit will take a guided tour of north Belfast including Belfast Castle.

20. Title: Health and Housing

Host: Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Places available: 50

The Housing Executive was established in 1971 as Northern Ireland’s strategic housing authority and is the UK’s largest social housing landlord, with approximately 85,500 dwellings.  Administering an annual budget of around £750m, and with over 3,000 staff, the organisation also provides home improvement grants to homeowners and private tenants, supports the improvement of energy efficiency in private dwellings and works to create more cohesive communities across Northern Ireland.


This visit is a bus tour of social housing communities in Belfast, including those in interface areas, where peace wall removals, re-imaging work and integration and conflict transformation activities have been nurtured and encouraged.

21. Title: Creating a Shared City

Host: Girdwood Community Hub

Places available: 35

Shared City Partnership and Peace funded projects promote good relations across Belfast. Girdwood Community Hub has been transformed in to a state of the art shared space, offering first-class leisure, community and education facilities.  The site is being developed as part of the Special European Union Programmes Body Peace III priority “contributing to a shared society by creating public shared space” alongside plans to transform leisure services.  Developed as a shared site that promotes safe access for all and fosters greater social integration, delivering integrated plans to improve good relations and develop sustainable approaches to promoting shared spaces.

Following a tour of Girdwood Community Hub and the opportunity to participate in activities, participants will be given a tour of Crumlin Road Gaol, follow in the footsteps of over 25,000 prisoners as you make the journey through Northern Ireland’s only remaining Victorian Era prison. The will cover all aspects of the Gaol from the Tunnel linking the courthouse on the other side of the Crumlin Road to the Hanging Cell, the Historic Holding Cells, Centre Circle,

C-Wing and Graveyard.

22. Title: Irish Language in East Belfast

Host: East Belfast Mission

Places available: 30

Turas, an Irish Language Centre in east Belfast, has made a breakthrough in promoting the Irish language in loyalist working class area. Facing challenges along the way, the Turas project has changed mind sets and softened hearts, providing a new context for the Irish language as a language of healing and reconciliation. Turas is the Gaelic word for journey.


A visit to East Belfast Mission will provide an overview of the Turas project and an opportunity to join a bus tour “In the Footsteps of Conn O’Neill”.  The bus tour will visit the ancient townlands once ruled by the Gaelic chieftain and experience the history and folklore of Conn O’Neill’s story.

23. Title:  Inspire – Mental Health Legacy of the Conflict 

Host: Inspire Wellbeing

Places available: 40

Inspire is a charity and social enterprise, with an aim of wellbeing for all. Delivering mental health, learning/intellectual disability, autism, addiction and workplace wellbeing services across the island of Ireland.


Inspire Mental Health works with and for people with mental illness to ensure they live healthy, productive lives and are supported to achieve their full potential within all aspects of their lives. This site visit will explore the impact of the legacy of the conflict on mental health of people in Northern Ireland.


A guided walking tour of Belfast City Centre will provide a unique insight into the history of the city.